I spent seven years (2010-2017) as the in-house Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer at The Public Theater in New York City. The Public is one of the premier cultural institutions in the nation, and has one of the most iconic visual identity systems--created by Paula Scher in 1993. In 2013, Paula and I began to implement a process in which every summer, the poster artwork for Shakespeare in the Park (The Public's flagship program) would extend into a year-long campaign for the entire roster of programming at the theater's downtown venue on Lafayette Street (home to 5 theaters and a music club, Joe's Pub). This "season identity" system allowed us to re-fresh the brand every year with an exciting new take on The Public's bold and type-driven branding. 

My work for The Public has been recognized with numerous awards from the Type Directors Club, and featured in the Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design. To this day a deep love of theater as an art form and a devotion to beautiful typography fuels my passion for creating meaningful work that represents cultural forces like the artists at The Public.

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